Fracture Gradient

It’s the 1980’s, Ronald Reagan is President, and America has recovered from the crippling energy shortages of the 1970’s when OPEC nearly squeezed oil-dependent economies to death. But now the U.S. energy industry is faltering as OPEC again manipulates the international oil markets to wrestle back dominance and force America to her knees one more time.

Out of nowhere, rumors of an astonishing alternative energy discovery suddenly emerge and threaten to reshuffle the international balance of power, destroy OPEC, and make the world energy self-sufficient. Fletcher Boyd and Hollis Cade own it . . . for what it’s worth and at least for now. Information insidiously leaks and all hell breaks loose as Big Oil, OPEC, and governments explode into action. Who can be trusted? Can a handful of ruggedly individualistic underdogs withstand the massive assault from highly trained government operatives and corporate security forces?

What seems simple is not. What seems logical is not. Energy is power and power means everything to those who wield it. But Fletcher and Hollis don’t bend or bow; they’re hard men who think for themselves and are willing to fight for principle and what’s theirs.

Deadly intrigue, numbing twists, and exhilarating action will rivet you to your chair as a question chafes somewhere in the dark recesses of your psyche . . . an itch that can’t be scratched. Has this happened?

What else will you find in Fracture Gradient? You will find breathtaking action and adventure in the international oil and gas industry,Texas, Saudi Arabia, OPEC and Saudi Aramco, ham radio, private jets, F-4 Phantoms fighting an F-14 Tomcat over northern Minnesota, general aviation carnage, the bin laden family, and a fascinating peek into the concept of hydrogen power derived from a very common substance! Not enough? Well, then there are the US military veterans fighting for their lives, plenty of gunplay, a damaged marriage, and astounding wealth up for grabs!

8 thoughts on “Fracture Gradient

  1. Thanks so much, Wyatt. I did my best to make everthing in the story realistic. Feel free to add your review to the Fracture Gradient Amazon page. The more books I can sell the quicker the next one will be out :-) Thanks again for the support.

  2. I loved the book just finished reading for the second time. If I remember correctly I got it thru the arrl web site. This story has it all Airplanes, guns, radio, and outdoor adventure. The writing is so real one continuously has to wonder is this fiction or documentary.

    My next question is when is your next book going to be available?

    73’s WY4TT

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Carol. I’m really glad you enjoyed the story, and hope you tell your friends about it!

  4. First saw mention of your book on, of all places, Facebook. It sounded interesting and plausible. So I purchased it fromAmazon (unable to find it locally) and really enjoyed reading it. Hoping you have more great reads in you which you will share.

    Yes, The Western Company was the best company I ever worked for . . . while it lasted! Not sure if it really was or if we just think that because we were young and full of energy at the time. Got lots of fracking done in any regard. Thanks for buying the book Jerry, and thanks for making some memories in Lindsay. Nobody would believe some of the stuff that went on, eh? :-) Jim

  6. Am reading your book can already see things that really happened. You had to have been there and lived it. thanks again
    They were fun days weren’t they, Jerry? Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

  7. Thanks, CC! I appreciate the kind commments. You identified some of my favorite authors, too so mentioning my name in the same sentence with theirs is a real thrill. I was saddened by the passing of Vince Flynn and already miss his stories.

    Thanks again for reading Fracture Gradient. People will wonder about our “73” . . . and will have to read the book to figure it out!

  8. Jim,

    Great read and engrossing story. Good luck on your writing career ! 62 year old retired guy here, and I enjoyed every minute of it. So now in addition to Clancy, Brad Taylor, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn……I can add McCulloch to my list of favorites. Good luck to you.

    C.C. McCoy

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