About Jim McCulloch

Jim McCulloch

Duluth, Minnesota, is my home town. I lived and worked there until graduating from the University of Minnesota. My wife and I now make our home in Oregon. Like many of my generation, and as millions before and since, I served in the military. Serving our country changed the way I view life, and was a significant learning experience that has never quite left me. One of my favorite hobbies is radio communication technology, and my wife and I both hold Extra class amateur radio licenses.

My business career has spanned a variety of industries including oil & gas, and roles ranging from financial management, to operations management, to senior corporate leadership. All were interesting and some were a real kick. Each job and industry brought new challenges and positive change to my life. My wife and I have been assigned, moved, and transferred many times through the years, and have benefited from the regional and cultural diversity we’ve encountered.

Since childhood, I’ve been a voracious reader. While my tastes have shifted and broadened over the years, getting lost in a good action adventure story is one of my favorite distractions. I suppose there is some Walter Mitty phenomenon causing this . . . and that’s not all bad. My personal favorites generally feature protagonists who are regular people rather than Special Forces super-soldiers, Navy SEALS, hot-shot fighter pilots, or ninjas of any ilk. Pulling for the resolute and courageous common man is somehow more fun and engaging, at least for me. That’s what you’ll find in Fracture Gradient.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the story.